Jyotish Visharada (English) - Trial Class

Advance Astrology Course - In this course, you will learn advanced predictive astrology so that you can master the art of astrology.

Course Summary

This is a Trial Class for JYOTISH VISHARADA. This is an advance course of Astrology. The course beacons the complicated topics and the other streams of astrology like Horary, Medical Astrology, Longevity etc.

Horary strengthens the practical aspect of astrology by looking at questions in order to solve them when needed. Mundane astrology completes the whole puzzle by looking beyond our world back onto ourselves.

We can learn so much about ourselves in this way, given that through many years it has also been used to predict weather. 


  • Astrological students who has completed Jyotish Praveena (Basic Astrology Course)
  • Astrology enthusiasts who are interested in astrology and the many different ways to practice the skills
  • Astrology students who are looking forward to adding Advance knowledge to their astrological studies


☞  9 Hours of Video Lessons (Accessible on Laptop, Computer, Tablet & Mobile) 
☞  Access to LIVE Q&A sessions  
☞  Downloadable Study Material 
☞  Access for examination 
☞  Lifetime access to private community of astrologers
☞ Certificate of completion

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