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Basic Astrology Course - The course covers basic astronomy, casting the horoscope and fundamentals knowledge of zodiac, planets, Rasis and houses.

Course Summary

This is a trial class for the course Jyotish Praveena (Basic Astrology Course). The complete course is of a one-year that focuses on Vedic Astrology.

This is the oldest of all the branches of astrology, and it is still widely practised today in modern Indian society. In this course, we will learn Jyotish (which means “the science of light”), or what we often refer to as Vedic Astrology, a practice that is believed to be about 6000 years old!

The course covers basic astronomy such as astronomical facts around the planets, casting the horoscope and fundamental knowledge into understanding the Zodiac signs and houses.

At the end of your studies, you will have a good understanding of the significance within everything that makes up your zodiac sign as well as how to more thoroughly analyze your horoscope using many tools available to practitioners today like transits and Dashas. 


  • Anyone who wants to take more control of their life by learning more about themselves.
  • Suitable for beginners for all ages. 
  • Those involved in the mental health or psychological fields and anyone interested in an objective tool for analyzing their behaviour may find this helpful.
  • Thorough, dedicated Vedic astrologers who set out to build their own clientele.
  • Anyone who is passionate about philosophy and wants to learn the exciting field of astrology, as Astrology & Vaastu is always a need of every living human being.
  • Life Coaches, Counsellors, Doctors, Engineers, Working Professionals, Retired Person or Students from any stream such as Arts, Commerce, or Science are welcome to apply for this course.


☞  7.5 - Hours of Video Lessons (Accessible on Laptop, Computer, Tablet & Mobile) 
☞  Access to LIVE Q&A sessions 
☞  Downloadable Study Material
☞  Life Membership of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS)
☞  Access for examination
☞  Lifetime access to private community of astrologers.
☞  Certificate of completion

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